The following chapters are much more exciting!
  • LPHQ March 2013
    Earlier this month we received this at Head Office:
    Hi!  I just felt compelled to email to say thank you!  I learnt the lightning process back in 2005 for M.E.  I was running along the banks of the Thames this afternoon and had a sudden thought how amazing it was that I was running and enjoying pounding the pavements when life used to be so different. I don't think about it much, and whilst that period of illness will always be part of my life's journey actually it's a fairly dull, un-noteworthy part. The following chapters are much more exciting! I'm living a full, exciting dynamic life that I love and is full of anticipation for the future. And that's all down to Phil teaching me the Lightning process to kick start the more exciting chapters of my journey! Thank you again Phil!

    LP Head Office
  • Stella October 2013
    This is such a lovely email!


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