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  • ruben April 2013
    I took the LP course about 5 years ago. I didn't get right. However I don't  discount outright that there are people with ME/CFS who are getting good results with it. Now I'm one of the 20%-25% of us with this condition who somehow carries on and works fulltime with it. But my point is this. Is it possible for example to go and learn LP over a monday, tuesday and wednesday  and then on the thursday to be back at work? Is this quite simply not workable? Do you need say 2, 3 or maybe 4 weeks to get to grips with it and for it to become more automatic before returning to work? I think I've posted sometime ago with this query before. I'm hoping this time that the LP headquarters might be of assistance. It would be useful of course to know about this BEFORE you hand over your £600. I very much look forward to everyones responses. Thanks. Ruben
  • Hi Ruben,

    Thank you for your post. I am part of the Head Office team and have also been a client so I thought you may like to hear briefly about my experience with LP and work. I hope you find it useful.

     I was housebound with ME for 2 years, did the process over the 3 days and was back working part time after 3 months. I then went back to my full time job in a brokerage in the City after about 5 months.

    Even though I felt so much better after 3 days of LP and felt like had my health back after about 2 weeks of intensively using LP, I believed I needed the 3 months after the LP to get used to being healthy again and to work on my calm and confidence levels and my levels of physical endurance. I also wanted to start making up for lost time and have some fun!

    In the early days big achievements for me were getting up a the same time each day consistently with energy, washing, dressing, being able to eat properly, going for walks and spending time with people, and going shopping. Then I started going out socially in the evenings, reading and doing more exercise. Once I improved my stamina and got back to basic functioning then I felt confident enough to go back to work on a part time basis, whilst doing a computer course and then as my confidence grew I decided to go back to my city job full time.

     As a practitioner, I see people who have similar experiences to me who have been out of 'every-day life' for so long and need to almost re-learn how to live a healthy life and others who are back at school/university/work the following week. It depends on what works for that individual. If the individual was already working full time, I would advise them to take the week that they are learning LP off, or if this was not possible then at least those 3 days if possible. Although as a training course we cannot offer any guarantees, the expectation would be that after learning the LP, the individual would go back to work feeling more energised and more able to work and live their life in a way that felt good for them.  This would be discussed before the individual took the training, during the pre course assessment phone call. This is a good opportunity for the practitioner and client to ensure that this is the best time for the client to take the training. It's also an opportunity for the client to discuss any concerns before taking the course.

    If the client was not getting the changes that they wanted then we would address this in a follow up and work with that individual to ensure they were applying the process as effectively as possible. The key for me was consistently applying the process and keeping in
    touch with my practitioner during that 5 month period so I could resolve anything that came up relatively quickly with them. I had regular
    follow ups and that helped to keep me on track.

    When I went back to work I initially needed to use the process almost constantly. I started as soon as I woke up. I then spent all of my lunch break using process either spending some time stepping out the process in the loo or as I was taking a walk. In between I would be subtly using the process in my head to keep me focused and on track while doing tasks. I also wrote out the LP 'map' on a post it note and used my pen to go round it which worked really well.

    I hope this has been useful. If you would like to talk to us over the phone we would be very happy to help. Please find our contact details at: http://www.lightningprocess.com/live-a-life-you-love/

    Advanced LP Practitioner, Head Office Team.
  • Stella May 2013
    This is great advice Claire - thanks!


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