1000 mile walk to promote the Lightning Process!
  • LPHQ April 2013
    Lightning Process Practitioner Elizabeth Everington is currently in training for an amazing challenge - walking the entire length of the UK, from John O’Groats (in Scotland) to Lands End (in Cornwall) in order to promote the Lightning Process across the UK. Liz, who used the LP for ME, will walk approx. 1000 miles between May-July 2013.

    You can support Liz by:
    Spreading the word
    Making a donation at: http://www.nexstep.co.uk
    Volunteering to help
    Even joining Liz on part of the walk!!

    For further details about this and news on when Liz will be passing through your local area please contact us info@philparker.org!

  • bluebell May 2013
    What an exciting project - good luck!
  • LPHQ May 2013
    Liz starts her walk today.  Keep up to date with her progress here: http://nexstep.co.uk/blog

  • Been following your blog - well done!
  • Stella July 2013
    Love the pictures!
  • LPHQ July 2013
    Massive congratulations to Liz who has successfully completed this incredible journey - a total of 1020 miles.  Read all about it on her blog: http://nexstep.co.uk/blog



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