Lightning Process
  • Colliedor February 2011
    I am sorry, but the Lighning Process just did not work for me.
  • BlacksapphireX February 2011
    What did you want to achieve from using it?
  • Thea999 March 2011
    I am sure there will be people for whom the Lightning Process does not work and unfortunately the failure is likely to reinforce the feeling that nothing can be done to remedy the person's problems therefore leaving them feeling powerless and resentful at spending their money without benefit. This is likely to make  them prone to denigrating the whole process and questioning the validity of the successes that have been reported. You don't seem to be in that category as you say nothing more about your experience. Do you have any views on why the process did not work for you? Have you fed back your response to the LP trainer or asked for more help? I would encourage you to do so as feedback is always useful and you may get some additional help.

    I was able to cure myself using the Lightning Process in 2010 after a lifetime of  fatigue, IBS and fybromyalgia which had eventually resulted in early retirement in 2009. I deliberated whether to attend the course  for a couple of years before doing so as I knew that I needed to be ill to get early retirement and was not sure if at a subconscious level I really wanted to be well as I would have had to return to a very stressful job that no longer enjoyed. There were too many benefits to be gained from continuing to be ill. I don't mean that I faked anything - I hated being in pain all the time, having to eat a very restricted diet, not being able to walk sometimes and never being confident that I would be able to get out of bed the next morning. I believe in the power of the subconscious mind to protect and mine was definitely working hard to give me numerous reasons not to get to work and submit myself to yet more unhealthy stress. At an unconscious level I was protecting myself from more harm and I needed to know that by getting better I would have the life I love. For me this was only possible after I had resolved the issues about my stressful work situation and felt free ( though not capable) of of enjoying life to the full. 

    Having said all this it is perhaps reasonable to expect that some people will not find the Lightning Process helpful. After all very few remedies work for everyone. I hope that you find a way through your difficulties and maybe one day feel the time is right to have another go?  
  • After doing the Lightening Process in 2010 I felt so confident and I began living the life I love.  These past six months I have had to deal with the deaths of brother in law,and a  very close friend and I have struggled.  Instead of putting the lightening process into action I seemed too tired to do so but this morning I realised I had deserted the Process and needed to return to it using it properly.  12 hours later I am feeling so much better and am determined to continue to progress to regain the life I love.  It does work if you practice regularly and compassionately whatever the problem you encounter and changes you mind set to give you the confidence to cope with all that is thrown at  you in life.  I will also contact my trainer to reinforce my efforts to get back and stay on track.

    trish milford
  • jax August 2011
    I know exactly what you mean about almost not wanting to get better because of returning to a stressful job . Yours is the first time I have read such honesty and it is just how I felt many times when I had M.E. and struggled to get to work.
    At my worst I wanted to resign from work altogether and I was only 50.However ,my doctor and husband persisted with their encouragement and on reflection I'm grateful to them because,once I had mastered the LP techniques and thought processes I was able to build up to 30 hours in my job again.
    Now I seem to have reached a point where my mind and body is telling me to leave this very demanding job and move on and forward to something completely different.I am practising my Lightning Process and am duing confidence that this is the right choice to make. Financially its not the best move for me and my husband, and I also find myself duing self doubt at times.
    I would appreciate any advice anyone has to help me through a difficult time
    Thank you
  • lizzielovel September 2011
    Money isn't everything! Make the most of your life by making it as happy and fullfilled as possible, as it doesn't last forever! I'm thinking of giving up my teaching career and re-training as a LP practioner (having seen how it can turn people's lives around -  my daughter regained full health after du-ing ME for 2 years).  I daresay I won't make as much money as I do now, but at least I'll have the fulfillment of helping people. It's refreshing to have a complete change of occupation. See it as a great opportunity. Go for it! Good luck! 
  • issy October 2011
    Dear colliedor

    Im sorry I didn't work for you 
  • jax October 2011
    Dear lizzielovel

    I'm sorry I have only just read your reply.
    Thank you do much for your advice.
    I'm going to take it- you're right. I have been given my life back and this is a great opportunity for me.
    I'm going for it!
    Wish me luck.
    And you too. 



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