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  • LPHQ April 2013
    I reread this really powerful testimonial today which a client sent into us a few years ago and wanted to share it with you! It's from a client who did the LP for Depression, Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem:

    Being a non-ME/CFS patient, I felt at first a little doubtful about whether the Lightning Process would be as effective for me as it apparently has been for those with that condition.  However, I persevered, largely out of desperation deciding to give it a try.  My condition has been a chronic lifetime history of episodic anxiety and depression; really both together, the former often leading directly to the latter.  Throw into the mixture an unhealthy dose of low self-esteem, and you have a pretty foolproof recipe for mental instability and unhappiness, which had indeed been my lot for large chunks of time.  When various environmental triggers started to send me down that slippery slope once again for the umpteenth time, I really felt a concern that her I was this time at an impasse for which there was no way out.

    Even seeing those very three things - depression, anxiety and low self-esteem - specifically addressed in Phil Parker's introductory book did not completely assuage my doubts.  It still seemed that the major emphasis, and most of the testimonials, were about ME, with just a few 'others' thrown in, which seemed great for those people, but didn't necessarily promise the same miracles for me.

    All I can say now is that I was profoundly mistaken in this impression.  The actual truth is that the depression and anxiety 'communities', for whatever reason, have not yet made the discovery, en masse, that the much smaller ME community has; namely that this deceptively simple healing modality is capable of effecting changes in their lives, if applied properly, that are certainly nothing short of miraculous.

    Within just a few days I felt great changes taking place.  I could hardly believe it; with apparent ease it seemed I was able to quickly reverse an entire lifetime of ingrained adverse behaviour patterns; my 'mood disorders' which I had felt sure had me in an iron grip that would accompany to my grave, could now be easily jettisoned and replaced by life-enhancing alternatives which promised, on the contrary, a wonderful renewal of life for me in all of its aspects.  With increasing enthusiasm I realized that I could apply this process to everything, and anything at all!  I could just take anything that was giving me trouble or a problem apply the Process to it, and bingo!  I could get the solutions I desired.

    The only caveat is one that is emphasized right from the start; you have to do it for yourself, and you have to do it properly. Otherwise nothing much will happen.  Simple as that.  Luckily I am somewhat 'OCD' about doing things exactly right, and I made sure I was with this.  I let myself be guided, and checked and rechecked that I was doing it exactly as it should be done.

    Well the results speak for themselves.  My life is opening up in a wonderful way; I see no reason whatever to think it will not continue to be thus for here on out.  I want to sincerely thank Phil Parker for sharing his amazing discovery with me, and I implore anyone else whose life has been jaunted by the terrible darkness of depression and anxiety as mine had been, to take the chance and give this a try.

    Hope this has inspired you today!

  • bluebell April 2013
    What a powerful testimonial!!
  • I love this! As someone who has recovered from crippling anxiety and depression, I totally agree! It was a life saver for me and lots of my clients.

    Claire Brooker, Advance Practitioner
    Head Office Team

  • MissEsee April 2013
    This is great!
  • Thanks for sharing this.


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