How easy can it be to get your life back
  • I'd been diagnosed with mild to moderate ME but I think it was more on the moderate side than mild - my husband dropped me at work, I sat and barely moved all day, he picked me up at the door and drove everywhere, he cooked, cleaned, washed up, ironed, shopped... After work I'd sit and eat tea, maybe watch 2 hours of TV (tops) then head off to bed. 5 days a week the same routine and weekends were to recover so I still did nothing. I think I only managed to work because I've always had a stubborn streak but was in intense pain for much of the time, working in an office wearing dark sun glasses and noise cancelling headphones since I regularly worked through nausea inducing migraines.

    Then I did the LP course, I could drive again, shop again, cook again, OK cleaning wasn't really a bonus but when you've done nothing for 4 years you actually don't mnd cleaning.

    My need for a constant trickle of food, living a low GI diet and complete lack of any activity meant my weight started to creep up which makes you depressed.

    Now, a year on and I do everything I used to enjoy and more, I walk for an hour at lunch time, twice a week, my weight is nearly back to what it was before everything went 'ME' shaped.

    Eveything needs to be transitioned, you get used to habits (sit, eat, bed, sleep, repeat) and despite feeling fine it's easy to carry on as you were but you need to remind yourself that you can do these things now, you can stay up later if you want, you can go and visit friends, sometimes breaking the bad habits of duing ME are harder to break than ME itself with constant reminders that you're OK now and it all begins to fall into place.

    I apply the principles and practices almost daily and to any situation and find I'm a calmer, happier person. I don't stress over the little things and do what I can to alter the big things, I'm much more likely to stand up and ask for change or help at work or at home rather than doing it myself or being miserable and not ask for help or input.

    All in all, despite the problems I had to deal with to get here, thanks to the Lightning Process, 'here' is now a better place than I was at before it all began in my past life.

    From here the future can only be brighter. :-)

  • Stella July 2013
    This is brilliant!
  • bluebell July 2013
    thanks for sharing
  • Happy for you!
  • GillHarvey September 2013
    thank you for sharing your story.  I have just completed the LP for ME/CFS - lovely to hear encouraging stories
  • Stella October 2013
    Hope you got good changes Gill...
  • That'sbrilliant Tricia - thanks for sharing - its so encouraging


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