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  • alexi May 2013
    Doing some health anxiety - help !
  • I would recommend you contact your practitioner to arrange a follow up phone call as soon as they are available - they are there to support you in applying the Process.  

    In terms of getting yourself back on track, use the LP in a very calm and compassionate way every time you are duing anxiety or duing thoughts around your health. Make sure you step the Process out in full where possible and that you do it in a congruent way and are doing it consistently.  If you need a reminder in how to apply the LP, review your handout and graduate CD and make sure you are using every element of the Process from active language to editing and challenging any limiting beliefs you have.

  • You can also attend an "LP Group Follow Up" to remind you of how to apply the LP effectively if necessary.

    The next one I'm running is from Head Office in Moorgate, London and it will be Saturday 20th July 2013. You can contact me @ There may also be practitioners locally to you that run these seminars too which may be worth checking.

    Hope this helps,
    Claire Brooker
    LP Advanced Practitioner,
    Head Office Team


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