Seeing the Lightning Process for myself
  • Renira May 2013

    Hello everyone.  Now I did the Lightning Process seminar with Linda Morgan at the end of April this year - gorgeous sunny weather - and such a lovely house and warm welcome from Linda.  As I am coming to the end of my fantastic Diploma training with Phil this month, and knowing that I really want to go even further and become a Lightning Practitioner, I decided to go and see for myself what it was really all about.  Well, all I can say is WOW!!!  So exciting to witness people changing before my eyes - and these were people with M.E. whose lives were seriously stuck.  Even after the first day there was a change - very much "Hey I can DO this!" and through the second and third day I found it profounding moving to witness such a difference in our little band of fellow clients.  Sense of humour returned and sense of fun and above all knowledge that this is what we do to build on this recovery.  For me personally, I can thank the LP for getting me running again.  Honestly, I thought I was too old at nearly 57 - creak, creak - but I am NOT too old and have now run for 40 minutes non stop.  Remembered how much I LOVED running.  The LP also got me playing the piano again for fun and unconsciously.  However, the MAIN effect of the LP was that I now know this is EXACTLY what I want to do.  I am so thrilled that I am going to be training with Phil this summer, steaming on through, really getting my little grey cells to work and taking on board all the Lightning theory and practice and coming out after September exam as a fully fledged Lightning Practitioner (who also runs for fun and plays the piano!)  Yey!!    Renira Barclay xx  PS  Linda Morgan is utterly brilliant and makes a mean Waldorf salad.  xx

  • Katie June 2013
    Hi Renira,

    I was one of the poorly people on that course..... Not anymore feel fab no ore ME for me, if anyone is reading this as I did many times before booking in with Linda and thinking how can this work for ME it does I was so Ill I had to move with my children in with my parents i didn't leave the house I celebrated my 40th birthday in pain and very miserable in bed.All that changed when my husband took me to Swallows to Linda I was very skeptical but desperate and would of done anything, three days later I got my life back it really was that quick I am now back at home my children have their mummy back,I have had several nights out to make up for my lost 40th and life is good.If anyone is reading this and suffering please go for it you won't regret it. Linda at Swallows was amazing a wonderful lady I can never thank enough.....

    Renira I will cherish my three life changing days I spent with all of you there, i am going to get in touch with Louise to arrange a visit it would be great to meet up with you and Linda xxxxx
  • Thanks for sharing, so enjoyed reading your posts!  Please keep posting!!


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