A couple of suggesetions
  • ruben June 2013
    Hi there, I've posted on here a few times before, I'll just point out I learnt LP  some time ago and didn't get right, however what I found difficult was combining it in the early stages with being in full-time work. I hope to give it another go in the future. Anyway, I'd just like to make a couple of points. Firstly, it was reported in 'THE TIMES' not long back that at Newcastle university they had discovered abnormalities in the muscle cells of ME/CFS sufferers. Now would it be worthwhile to have a trial whereby a group of people with ME/CFS had these tests,then learned the Lightning process and were then retested once again for these muscle abnormalities. This would surely give a lot of credibility to LP.(providing we had the expected outcome of course). Secondly, on the internet there is site called 'THE CURE TOGETHER' website. On there people say what steps and treatments they have tried for various conditions. By last month 500 people had said what different approaches they had tried for their ME/CFS. Now unless I've missed it no one has as yet mentioned of their success with LP. Maybe people should come forward and declare this. I look forward to hearing peoples views. thanks Ruben


Thanks to all of you who asked for this forum as a space to let others know about your experiences of the LP. Thanks also to the Lightning Process who’ve kindly provided this space.

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