One year on...
  • I have just completed my follow up session this week in London and it helped so much. It's interesting how much you can forget over a year. Since doing the LP I have worked full time in a high pressured job, been on holidays to New York, London and Paris, moved house 4 times and interviewed and applied for University which I start in September. I wasn't doing the process very well, was rushing through it but it still worked. Now I try to complete the process fully and it works much better. It's amazing how much you can use it for and I'm thankful I was able to have the training. I just wish it was accessible to all and the NHS would just trial it. I hope one day this will be the case.
  • Hey Mandy, It was great to see you at the weekend. I'm so pleased The LP Group Refresher was useful to you

    Claire :)
  • It's great to hear how useful the follow up sessions are.


Thanks to all of you who asked for this forum as a space to let others know about your experiences of the LP. Thanks also to the Lightning Process who’ve kindly provided this space.

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