Did LP make symptoms worse initially for anyone else?
  • earsfeet August 2013
    Hello chaps,

    This isnt a post saying how LP is a scam or whatever, I have met numerous people in real life (i.e. not just on the internet!) who it worked for. Its just that at least for me, the process initially makes my symptoms worse. The best way to describe it is every time I say 'STOP' it feels like someone is poking the part of my body where symptoms are worse with a stick. Weirdly, I do find the process helps with the negative thoughts, but at the cost of symptoms, which is not worth the trade. I can only do the LP for about four days without giving up. I would like to know, has this happened to anyone else, do you just need to power through!?

    Please dont reply if you only have bad news to report! I dont care if there are a thousand people out there who had this problem and are still sick, I want to find the one person who initially found the LP made things worse but in the end made a recovery!

  • We're sorry to hear you are struggling to get the results you want from the Lightning Process.  We would highly recommend that you speak with your practitioner as soon as possible as they will be able to get clarity on how you are applying the Process currently and help you to work through this challenge and get you moving forwards.  
  • dancewithlive August 2013
    I took the LP-training 9 months ago (after burn-out and severe depression with duing muscle pain, overwhelming emotions etc.). I also experienced (and still sometimes do) worse symptoms when I do the process. I explained this to me as follows: I was/am a scientist and really good in "hiding in my own world of thoughts", far away from body or emotions. Sometimes, when I came back to "reality", e.g. after spending a whole day on the computer, I struggled with tinitus or muscle pain or..., because I had worked too much and not taken care of myself. Now, when I say "STOP" and do the process, it sometimes seems alike. 
    The best way, to cope with this are for me:
    1. I do the process slowly and with a lot of attention, let pass all useless thougths ("editing") without believing them. And I treat symptoms in the same way: I call them "useless editing" and focus on the process.
    2. I take all my body in: When I take me back to a time, when I was sitting - I now really set in the same way. When I take me back to a time, when I was dancing - I now dance with all my body.
    3. I describe the last step of the process in detail. I.e., when I take myself back to a time, when I was in the forest, I say exactly what I see, hear, smell... and describe the new/positive feeling in detail with colours, sounds, pictures, words like "soft, wide, light...".

    This helps me to focus on the path I love to go instead of the old path. As Phil says on the cd, sometimes you can experience weird things in the body when/after you do the process. He describes this as "bad hormons, which look for their way out". By focusing on the good feelings or memory, I let the old feelings, symptoms, hormons pass...

    Good luck! Keep on doing the process! The most important thing is, not giving upp, but coming back to the live you love :-) again and again.

  • mcplums August 2013

    Thanks for your post, and apologies for the delay!

    I think you are quite right in your analysis- that people like us are so caught up in our thoughts, that they distract us from the symptoms. And doing the process brings the symptoms back into the foreground which makes them seem worse. 

    I will try your ideas! Did the LP work for you in the end!?

  • dancewithlive August 2013
    The LP "works" for me, but I haven't got the life I love yet. I am still duing symptoms and don't work full time, yet. But I am making remarkable progress in doing things I love, improving my self esteam and decreasing symptoms. That includes having done 2 one-week-dancing festivals with many people - and enjoying dancing, talking, laughing,... and taking my time off.

    One reason that it takes longer for me, I think, is that I had done a lot of things before LP, including meditation and similar. But I have done it in a wrong way. Therefore, now I have to forget a lot which I had trained before, which had become automatic and which even crossed the LP practice/made it difficult.

    However, I take the time, I need to and just know that I will get to the life I love. Since I took the LP-course, I have realised and changed a lot, and still recognize "wrong" basic believes. For example: I had meditated with a basic believe of "I must", which increased control-mechanisms instead of presence and life-joy. Together with duing perfectionism, in the end I was duing bad conscience for every moment I recognized not being present - which definitely destroys life's joy ;-) .

    Now I take care that the basic-basic-basic attitude is "I want" and "I may" and "I am worth it to be present". And I slowly increase working hours, finding my rhythm, getting emotionally stable, and finding out, how much "presence" is enough for me to call it "life I love".
  • LPHQ August 2013
    You also might want to read this post from the activity page:

    how is it going?

    I just remembered something, which probably may help you as well:

    A friend of mine, who did the LP for ME and got completely well (working
    150% at the moment), used a method before and as complementations to
    LP. The "method" is based on getting hand-touch on the whole body,
    without "energy" like Reiki etc., just touching the whole body.

    Since I started using the "bodyscan" (known in MBSR or yoga) again, I
    recognize big health improve, and also LP is working better. I think,
    this is a similar principle. So I thought, including the body in the one
    or other way, may help you as well.

    Sunny regards!
  • mcplums September 2013
    Hello all,

    Thanks for your messages. I think I will contact a practitioner (I have moved since my course so cant see the same one) and go over some of these issues. I relate to a lot of what dancewithlive says, I too had have a lot of 'I must do this to get better' rules in my head with regards meditation, which is counter productive. And of course the process has short term negative effects. The unfortunate truth is that I have done the LP over a year ago, but havnt done it 100% for more than just a few days at a time, I constantly give up, and go for weeks in between starting again.

    LPHQ, thanks for pointing out that post to me. I have also found bodyscan to help, but you have to be careful that you arent focusing on the symptoms ina  negative way, and its very hard to know which you are doing!

    Thanks again all! 


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