Definitely working but need a bit of help
  • JD23 August 2013
    I am doing the lightning process for CFS/ME and have definitely made a bit of progress. I can feel it working and can feel some symptoms lessening but the problemim having is trying not to think about the illness. Because when I try hard not to think about the illness and symptoms I tend to focus on it even more because I know I'm not meant to! Just wondering if anyone else has this or knows how to get around this. Because I do the process and then immediately start thinking about the illness again which doesn't help at all!

    Many thanks
  • Hi JD23,

    Well done for making progress with the LP.

    I hope my answer will help with the stuckness you mention. Our brains struggle with negation. For example if I told you not to think about Elvis riding a white stallion while juggling 3 purple monkeys, your brain would need to think about Elvis, the stallion and the 3 purple monkeys in order to not think about them! I hope that makes sense! So while you are trying hard to not think about illness and symptoms, you're brain is having to connect with illness and symptoms to make sense of your request not to think about them.

    This is an example of filtering- what you unintentionally look for you will find. There is a solution. Frame what you want in positives. So instead of I don't want to think about symptoms, it might be I want to feel relaxed and happy while going for a walk like my friend John. This positive statement gives your brain a clear and specific instruction which should break the cycle you mention.

    Think of your brain as a faithful bartender. If you say to the bar tender, "I really don't want a glass of white wine." The bar tender will reply with, "okay so what do you want?" If you keep replying with what you don't want, you'll go round and round in circles. If you simply ask the bartender for what you actually want, they'll give it to you. It works similarly with your brain!

    So in a nutshell Filter for what you actually want, use positive language to communicate this and any time you du body checking stop use the process and connect back to what you actually want.

    I hope this helps.

    Advanced LP Practitioner
    Head Office Team
  • JD23 August 2013
    Thank you so much for such a thorough answer. That sounds like exactly what I need to do. Will give it my best shot. Will let you know how it goes!


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