Lightning Process Graduate CD question..
  • Kalai August 2013
    Hey so I did the LP process a few months ago for CFS/ME and have had a lot of success with it and will use it to get further and further, I am still working on some things though. But I have a question after listening to the LP CD they hand out at the end of the course.. On the Brain Rehearsal section Phil says that the brain always prepares for the future based on its experiences from the past, and that if ones had less than helpful habits then the brain would prepare for the future using these. - - So then wouldn't the brain just keep preparing negatively for future events if it 'ALWAYS' prepares based past experiences and you have been stuck in some less than helpful habits? This seems like a contradiction to the LP and i would love for someone to clarify what he really means o that I can see it in a helpful light. Thanks that would really help so much as i want to truly have an amazing life now specially since I'm writing matric. Cheerz.
  • The brain prepares for future events based on our
    experiences.  What we are doing with the LP when we do the 'Brain
    Rehearsal' element is creating new experiences in the way we want to operate.  They then become our recent and powerful experiences giving us a choice over what happens rather than
    just letting our brain predict old and destructive experiences into the future.

    If you need further clarification, contact your practitioner who will be happy to talk you through this.

  • Abigayle October 2013
    As I am clearly stuck with my old beliefs! up to my neck in learned patterns, how do I move on.
    I have a very powerful imagination and sometimes I think it helps me sink because it can see all the negative so clearly. But maybe I can daily work with new imaginings....what if I imagined something new every day. Just imagined a full day with no pain and focused on the detail of how I see it being....
  • Hi Abigayle, 

    Have you done the Lightning Process training?  If you have, I would recommend that you contact your practitioner to support you in getting back on track.  You need to make sure you are being compassionate to yourself and start to work consistently on all the negative thoughts and beliefs you have using the Process.  Go back through your course notes and listen to your graduate CD to help you to engage with the Process.  We have also produced a podcast that is available free on iTunes that will help remind you of some of the core concepts:

    If you haven't done the training, I would recommend that you start by reading the book 'An Introduction to the Lightning Process' and do your research.  It would also be useful for you to listen to the podcasts and to also contact a practitioner who will be able to answer any questions you have.


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