Gupta programme/lightning process
  • Ali123 August 2013
    Hi, I am planning on doing LP in November, however am currently doing Gupta programme which i realise has some similar aspects. Wonder if anyone has tried both and can explain to me the differences, is LP more effective? Thanks!
  • Livingmylife September 2013
    I have not used the Gupta program myself but have had several clients that have; they have told me that LP is very different, in that the information re how they got stuck is very clear and logical within LP, but more importantly, working with a practitioner that can respond to their individual issues and questions with reassuring answers and support as they are guided towards change, is just what they needed to get their lives back. 
  • Mel September 2013
    Hi there

    I had a client who did Gupta and then came to me for LP. She said she found the info section in LP easier to understand but when I taught the actual technique that people use, she cried cos she said it was so similar to Gupta and that hadn't worked for her so this couldn't either. I coached her out of that thought and she went on do a brilliant recovery using LP and has maintained that easily for a year.

    Upon reflection, she said that while there were similarities, the LP technique seemed kinder to self and more fluid. The biggest difference though, was having a trainer who can help you see your blindspots, doing the course in a group so that you all inspire each other and doing the whole course so intensively over just 3 days. She felt that these were the reasons why she got such better results with LP than with Gupta.

    I don't know what the Gupta stats are like (maybe they're awesome!) but I certainly know the LP stats are great. In a study of 1300 people who'd done LP in the last 5 years, 81.3% said they no longer had the condition they came with and 93.4% said they were 7/10 better. The stats are all in your favour so TOTALLY go for it and get your life back! I did! I've now been totally healthy for 5 years ;0)))
  • Ali123 September 2013
    Thanks for your replies! I'm doing LP in November and am pretty convinced its going to help me from what i've read etc. Gupta is great but i think I just need an extra push and having a coach help me will be great!


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