• stephanie February 2011
    i suffered from M.E for over 3 years. i cant begin to explain the effect M.E had on my life, i had just turned 16 and started my GCSE's, like many other sufferers my life just stopped. i never finished my A Levels, as i was only capable of attending at best 2 days of college a week and my social life passed me by. The worst aspect about M.E for me was that the doctors kept telling me i would never recover from it, my parents made me try several alternative medicines with little success. In March 2010 i officially left my college again and my mum was told by an acquaintance who had also suffered from a debilitating illness (for over 3 decades) that he was feeling totally rejuvenated after going through the lightning process. i have to admit i was a little dubious at first because when we tried to research it, very little useful information surfaced- and also, in my eyes it was a lot of money. I also didn't think i was capable of 3 days of training as i had had very little success at college as i had lost all powers of concentration.

    However, it has been totally life changing, so much has happened in the past 8 months. i got into university!!! - even though i never finished my A levels. i passed my driving test!!! i have a social life- although mum and dad will never be satisfied- a year ago they complained i didnt go out enough, now their moaning that i'm never at home! i've also got a part time job!! and i go to gym classes 4 times a week! i cant explain how the lightning process works- but who really cares???? it worked for me and i have no intention on finding out exactly what happened as you should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

    On a final note, i hope that whoever reads this enjoys my success story as much as i have had living it, and i would urge anybody suffering from M.E or any other stress related illness to give this a try.

    Good luck

  • Stella October 2013
    Thanks for sharing your story - i hope you are still doing well.
  • Well done!! That's a fantastic email and so full of hope and encouragement. Good Luck Stephanie


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