One year without CFS/ME
  • nessa February 2011
    Thanks to Phil Parker, and my lovely coach Claire, I'm able to celebrate my first aniversery as a totaly healthy young woman. Last Febuary (2010), I had just gotten a diagnose of CFS/ME after years of going to the doctors. I was totaly cruched, and according to the Norwegian ME organization this was an illness I would have for the rest of my life. I couldn't stand the thought of an entire life in the dark, not able to do all the things I used to love, spending time with friends and family. In a desperate search I found Phil Parker through a friend of a friend. Thank goodness! After a few weeks I was on the plane to London. I'm so glad I trusted my own instinct, and didn't listen to sceptical people. The process I learned at the course truly saved my life. One year after I've finished my exams in A-levels, and I've just started my second semester in nursing. I've just recently got a new job in a nursing home, and I'm doing really well in school. I use the process every single day, and I'm such a happy and lucky person. 

    About the actual course and process. You can't just learn the process and lean back and think that will do the trick. You have to use the process every single day, many times a day. Also, remember that when you have been I'll and bound to the bed for months, your mucles and body will be weak. I highly recommend joining a gym, a yoga class etc, to start building up your body again from scratch. My goal is to someday run a marathon, and belive me, I WILL reach my goal! Because after all, I am a powerfull geniuos you know ;) 

    All my love to Phil and Claire, you both mean the world to me.

    Love Nessa from Norway
  • charlylou February 2011
    well done Nessa xx
  • MissEsee April 2013
    This is wonderful!
  • bluebell May 2013
    How fantastic, wishing you well with your marathon!!


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