The Lightning Process Changed the Way I Think
  • TCampbell March 2011
    Having trained in the Lightning Process in 2007, it set me on the road to a new way of thinking. I feel blessed that my life has changed for the better and I am grateful that I met Carol Ward, my trainer, and she helped me think a new way and it has enhanced my life in so many ways. I am now starting my own business, I study and I am able to say 'Yes' to invitations instead of 'No'. I go shopping, take photographs, visit family and friends and manage my artwork website. My biggest joys have come from embarking on a relationship after being on my own for 20 years and now I am publishing my first children's book. If you want to get well from ME...then give LP a go.

  • charlylou March 2011
    Well done you! Yes I found that too - new way of thinking - new me! I even want to wear different clothes and want to listen to different music now! I'm a better version of the me I used to be 10 or more years ago!
    I too am now trying out different things with my business and I'm not scared to say 'yes' to things I would have made excuses in my head not to do before! As well as ME/CFS recovery!
  • TCampbell June 2011
    Keep at it, girl. I still use the process now and again and along with other good tools, I am having a great life!!
  • Stella May 2013
    Love that - 'a better version of the me i used to be'!!
  • The LP is such good tool for so many situations - always surprises me how often it comes in useful!


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