If it had given me a 10% improvement- it made me 100% better and I'm still well 2 years on
  • bry March 2011

    Taking the Lightning Process with Donna Paris in January 2009 was
    probably the best choice I’ve ever made. I had suffered from chronic fatigue
    for 10 months, experiencing fatigue, so severe that at points i was unable to
    initiate any movement at all, combined with constant pain and nausea.  I had started to come to terms with the idea
    that I’d have to put my medical education on hold. I was a 20 year old medical
    student doing none of the things that other 20 year old students were doing.
    Within a week of the course I was back to studying hard plus walking 2 miles
    into university, going to clubs, holding dinner parties and running.  I cannot express my gratitude to Donna or to
    Phil Parker enough, the lightning process has given me my life back and not just
    that, but it has given me a better life than that I had before.

    Donna was the perfect choice as a practitioner for me, she
    was considerate of my concerns that my medical background would prevent me from
    engaging with aspects of the process (an issue that I did not in fact have) and
    was very accommodating to the level of disability that I was experiencing when
    I started the course. Recently I had swine 'flu and felt pretty run down after and Donna was more than happy to reasure me that this was OK and advice ways to use the LP to best effect. 

    I went into the LP hoping to feel 10% better and I still can't believe how quickly I felt better.

    good luck to anyone who is considering it. 

  • bluebell April 2013
    This is fantastic!
  • Stella May 2013
    Amazing, thanks for sharing.  How are you doing now?
  • Brilliant!


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