I recovered from ME, and now use LP on everything, even fear of dogs
  • Gyrid March 2011
    I used to be afraid of dogs. If I spotted the tiniest dog ahead of me, I would immediately cross the street and walk on the other side.  One day about a year after my LP training, I thought, hey, if I can recover from ME, I sure can get over my fear of dogs. So i took a walk in a forrest area where there are lots of dogwakers.
    Every time I saw a dog, I took a few minutes off the path and hid behind some trees and did the process. It just takes a couple of minutes each time, to put yourself into a state that is more useful. After about 8 or ten times, I felt ready. On my way down a hill I saw a young couple with a white boxer puppy.
    I remember thinking; Oh, I hope that dog comes to me! And it did. It was so sweet, and I felt perfectly calm and happy. That was such a nice experience. Now I know some really huge dogs and often take them for long walks. And in a moth from now, I will get my own puppy! Gotta love LP.
  • MissEsee May 2011
    Have you got your puppy yet??!
  • annad81 February 2012
     Hi Gyrid,

                 Exactly the same as you.  I went to LP training for my ME, but it seems to have worked for me with the dog phobia too..no longer at all afraid of them!  Brilliant!
  • LPFan March 2012
    I no longer have a fear of heights now.  Isn't the LP amazing?
  • Jane April 2012

    Hi Gyrid,

                   How fantastic you are amazing,  i love the bit where you hid behind some trees to do the process, i would love to know what " state's "     you used ?      as how quick you got payback, " brilliant " you are a Genius ! :-)

  • bluebell May 2013
    This is great!  Phobias can be so debilitating so fantastic to get rid of them.


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