Does it get worse before it gets better?
  • becsj1980 December 2013
    I have attempted to use the Lightning Process several times over the past 18 months, and have noticed that when I do, I go from feeling mentally calm and well to feeling quite down with negative thoughts. I usually have good mental health despite duing poor physical health, so this unsettles me and I give up. This has happened a few times now, and I instead return to my more mindful approach which I feel serves me a lot better. I can't help but think that I am missing out on the physical health improvements that many others have achieved with the LP though.
    Do other people experience an increase in down feelings and thoughts when they start using the process? Or is it perhaps the case that this approach helps many but can't help everyone?
  • From your description, you aren't achieving the appropriate state when you apply the Process so there is a blind spot somewhere that you need support in addressing.  I recommend that you stop using the Process for now and contact your practitioner as soon as possible so they can support you in applying the Process effectively.  They will help you to identify what is going on and coach you in using all the elements of the Process such as the active language etc. to get the change you want.  Mindfulness complements the Lightning Process brilliantly and many of our clients use both.


Thanks to all of you who asked for this forum as a space to let others know about your experiences of the LP. Thanks also to the Lightning Process who’ve kindly provided this space.

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