Lightning Strikes twice! …two bites at the LP Cherry
  • ollypayne February 2014

    After a diagnosis of ME in 2000 I tried to keep going
    with work 
    part time. (I was an editor at the Open University - not the right job for me.)  Result: further deterioration. Tried all kinds of other
    remedies. By autumn 2006 I had not worked at all for 4 years. Apart from the crippling fatigue, I could not sit
    in a chair for more than 15 minutes without back pain, was unable to read or
    watch TV/use a computer - my eyes were affected too. I was very sensitive to
    noise and light. I had become very anxious about aggravating symptoms – this
    added to the stress – I was afraid of activities which I thought might make
    things worse – my horizons became more and more restricted. I spent much of my
    day lying on a bed in silence.

    Then my sister-in-law told me about the LP – thanks to a
    feature with Phil Parker on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2. My response was
    “Rubbish – if they are getting well in three days they haven’t really got ME.”
    But we heard more from other sources and my wife checked out the LP website.
    The more we learned, the more our scepticism evaporated and the more HOPE GREW.
    Eventually in summer 2007 I was transported to the training venue, flat-out in
    my brother’s car, and started the course, earplugs and various other “props” in
    place – and full of hope!

    At breakfast on day three of the LP course I was chatting to
    the owner of the B&B I was staying in, who was used to accommodating people
    on the LP course. “It’s like having Jesus live down the road” she said: “People
    come here in their wheelchairs and go home walking!”

    The changes over the three days were remarkable. Indeed I
    could relate to for example – the man crippled from birth who was healed by
    Peter, the Apostle of Jesus (see Acts Chapter 3 in the Bible!) Overjoyed he
    started “walking back and forth, dancing and praising God!”

    I travelled home by public transport (first time in years).
    I was full of joyful energy; the back and eye issues were massively improved.
    The sensitivity to noise disappeared completely. Improvements continued in the
    following weeks – I was enjoying all kinds of activities which had been
    impossible or extremely limited before. Long walks, swimming, reading, driving
    – it was fantastic – I was over the moon.

    However, I can see with hindsight that I had not fully
    grasped the LP. In particular I hadn’t understood how important it was to use
    the technique holistically – that there was a lot more that needed to be sorted
    out than the physical symptoms that I was primarily focused on.

    After three years with a much better quality of life, and
    working part-time, I didn’t manage to prevent a relapse. But as I revisited the
    Lightning Process book it began to dawn on me that beating myself up for
    …..(relatively minor stuff) was a very stressful way to live. Striving to meet
    other people’s expectations, rather than do what was in my, and their, best
    interests, (e.g. being kinder and more balanced with myself) these were
    patterns of behaviour that had got me into trouble in the first place. It may
    be something to do with being a British male of a certain vintage – and growing
    up completely emotionally illiterate – but I was waking up (with the speed of a
    freight train climbing the Himalayas) to the stress I was causing myself, and
    that stress was the main cause of all the physical symptoms.

    From childhood I had responded to things in a way that made
    them stressful: general anxiety; presuming the proverbial glass was half-empty;
    perfectionism – trying far too hard to …(you name it).  I now understood that stress is a MAJOR cause
    of chronic illness and that the antidote to the body’s stress response – the
    relaxation response - can resolve these issues.

    It is my profound experience that the Lightning Process is
    the most powerful tool for achieving this. Having woken up to these realities,
    in July 2012, with barely four hours coaching from the brilliant Heather
    Thomas, I went from a state of relapse to a state of great joy – the recovery
    was more powerful, more holistic and more solidly grounded in a better grasp of
    the LP. Hallelujah!

    In the Spring of 2012 I had been using a wheelchair in some
    circumstances – my body was in such poor condition. But two months after the
    Lightning Process refresher with Heather I beat my 19 year old son in a race
    over a mile in our local swimming pool (64 lengths in 34 minutes) I then
    started to aim for triathlons – and did my first two in 2013. I was now much
    clearer that the LP was an amazing tool that I could use in all areas of life –
    that more profound transformation was in the pipeline.

    And now I am on that life-changing journey. I am optimistic
    that the snuffing out of the remains of the eye condition is a “miracle” in
    process, and the medical professionals are also surprised at how well my body is handling the Rheumatoid Arthritis that they diagnosed in early 2012 (not to mention the side effects of the
    drugs), and astonished at how far I have managed to reduce my cholesterol. I am
    confident now in the knowledge that I have the resources to maintain and
    further improve my condition.

    I am studying for the Diploma Course in life-coaching and NLP with Phil Parker – and about
    25 other amazing and encouraging people – thank you. Also working part-time and
    planning my career as a coach!

    My thanks above all to Phil for creating the Lightning
    Process and the brillaint diploma course; and to Heather Thomas, and Simon Pimenta. Thanks
    to the inspiring stories of many others – especially the 25 others on the diploma
    course with me – and for the journey we are on together. For me this is also
    part of my spiritual journey - so thanks to the many who have prayed for me and supported me.
    God moves in mysterious and wonderful ways! ;-)


  • cherryem June 2015
    Dear Olly Payne,
    Your story has really really inspired me.
    I did the LP 4 months ago and I have made huge huge changes but I still find sometimes I compare myself to others and over analyse what I do way too much rather than just enjoying every moment.
    I think a lot of this is to do with my focus and being alert I often find tricky. I find your story so inspiring and I wandered if you had anymore advice about how to consistently stay on track?
  • Kay May 2016
    Hi Cherry. I did a similar experience to Olly and made great change then did a relapse. I feel my body told me there was still more learning to du & the second time around I am duing very well. A few things helped me. One is a video of Phil Parker and Jacqui Aston on YouTube where they talk about how it can take longer for some people and that helped me stop comparing. I also used LP to choose compassion on my humanness hehe and accept myself where I am, before I started trying to change stuff. Compassion helped me du things at a gentle rate as I also did focus problems. Phil's book 'get the life you love now' is so good for looking at blocks. I looked at my language, & told myself I love duing LP & I am choosing to du it (I do set a timer to practice consistently but not in a forcey way) & made a little mood board with all the fun things I du or want to so I stay motivated. Hope that helps good luck!
  • clareh July 2016
    Just reading this through. I remember although I stopped duing symptoms after 6 weeks I still needed to work on other stuff that I began to notice as the pit. This took me about 1 year. I became better able to notice what the pit was whereas at first I only considered my symptoms or duing worry about symptoms as the pit. 

    I am now 10 years down the road and I still use the LP on occasions when I have a challenge. Otherwise I will notice that I'm duing overwhelmed or whatever and all I need to do is notice it and decide to calm down/have a break/smile to myself. That's doing the LP automatically. 

    The biggest thing by far is that when you notice what you are duing that is the pit use the LP kindly and patiently to help you get into a better resource state. So much easier and enjoyable than continuing in the pit. And after a while it will become automatic. I'd say this is the most common thing I have noticed over the years of teaching the LP that people need to learn - to be kind and encouraging to themselves whilst they are learning.

    By the way we expect to take our cars in for MOT by law every year and if in the meantime there is a clunking sound we will see to it. It is absolutely sensible that if you can't fix it yourself you take it to the garage. I think it is also absolutely sensible if having tried to sort it out yourself you then book a coaching session or a refresher course of the LP rather than ignore the 'clunks'. Get in touch with your practitioner or another one if you wish. This is what they are there for! You can do a group refresher or a 1:1. 

    Clare Hudman


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