Update on my life
  • Kalai March 2014
    I flew up to London from South Adrica to do the LP about 8 months ago and since then my life has completly changed.

    I'm living a life that i love and can see amazing things coming as i aim higher and higher. I'm taking a gap year this year and having the time of my life. Im partying with friends, surfing, working hard, pursing my dreams, and all this is just the beginning. I plan on travelling the world later this year and will definatly keep posting new stories as my lifes adventures unfold.

    I'm so so glad I took the initiative to do the process and then put in the work to make a sucess of it.
  • Thanks for sharing - what an amazing and inspirational update! Enjoy your gap year and travels and we look forwards to hearing what adventures you have.


Thanks to all of you who asked for this forum as a space to let others know about your experiences of the LP. Thanks also to the Lightning Process who’ve kindly provided this space.

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