The many ways LP helped me
  • Kay September 2014

    I wanted to write a detailed post for anyone who was thinking of doing The Lightning Process, but who may be unsure whether it would work for them. The main reason I decided to do the LP was because I was 'doing' ME for 6 years. There was no doubt about it that I was extremely physically unwell. My illness began in a very physical way and I almost lost my life and was completely bed bound for 5 years. I had just about every symptom you can think of - severe pain, nausea, migraines, extreme fatigue, brain fog, sore throats, hot flushes (so bad the doctors suspected early menopause at 28 years old!) dizziness, sweating, insomnia.... I was so severe I could not walk to wash my hands at the sink without almost fainting. I had to use a wheelchair and could not use the computer for more than 2 minutes, or hold a conversation for more than 20 without getting so hot and dizzy I would have to lie down.

    However, I also did very bad social anxiety, severe post traumatic stress (so bad I couldn't be left alone), body dysmorphia, IBS and generalised anxiety.

    Over the 6 years I spent more than £20,000 trying to get well. I tried everything - accupuncture, strict pacing regimes, GET, physio, herbalism, CBT, counselling, massage, lymphatic drainage, anti-virals,  Gupta programme, carbon dioxide masks, yoga, psychotherapy, injections of immunotherapy, supplements, nutritional therapy and although a couple of symptoms may have reduced, I never improved enough to increase my activity. I also tried a clinic who claimed that I had done The Lightning Process, so when my physio suggested it, I thought I had already done it. My GP was so upset at me spending so much money with no results, she said not to try anything else. My sister rang me around this time and said her friend had done LP and had brilliant results. I decided to ring my local practitioner (Helen James) as a last resort, who discussed it with me and I discovered I hadn't done The Lightning Process at all! I was sure my case had to be more complex than others as I was so severe and also because I had so many other 'issues', but Helen explained how they were all linked together and that she was hopeful she could help me.

    I started to read the introductory book straight away and felt I had a little more energy even from the exercises in the book. I felt able to wash my hair myself (I know this sounds unbelievable but it's true) and walk a bit. I was still in a wheelchair when I arrived at the hotel though and needed my mum to help me a lot.

    I felt really anxious about going, as I had spent 90% of my life on my own for the last 5 years! I had to lie on a reclining chair and felt really unwell. However, my turning point was when about half way through the first day I had to ask Helen to stop the presentation as I felt so ill. I wanted to lie and 'rest', which had always been my only option, but obviously never worked so far! Helen suggested I try something different and when I felt better, I knew there was another option for me to take away my horrendous symptoms. By the end of the first day I felt so empowered there was something I could really do. In the car on the way home, I noticed my dizziness and brain fog was already improving and that just spurred me on to put 1000% into the process. Helen suggested I use the process instead of going back to bed and I did it about 60 times in the Premier Inn bathroom! My sore throat disappeared after 6 years of having one! I felt so good I wanted to test it on everything, so I went to Frankie and Benny's (I would not have been able to sit up in a restaurant, with other people and loud music in my wildest dreams before) and ate a big pizza (I had been wheat and dairy intolerant before). I used the process so many times I felt well enough to go shopping! My mum was gobsmacked to say the least. I obviously still had symptoms, but every time I got one, I used the process and it disappeared!! It was seriously like a miracle, especially when I had tried so many 'similar' things.

    Over the 3 days my ME symptoms slowly started to disappear, but I noticed my anxiety started to increase. On the third day, I worked on that with Helen and felt like I had learned how to switch that off too. When I got home, my dad knew straight away I felt better. Obviously my muscles needed strengthening after being bed bound so long, so they felt very shaky at first, but that only lasted a few days. It took about a week after getting home and hundreds of times of using LP to be entirely symptom free of ME. Yesterday I did miles of hiking around the forest, went out for a meal, came home and watched a DVD and still felt fine so I know I am fully well!!! I got a cold too, which is apparently a good sign my immune system is normal now!! I have got a car and have enrolled on a college course. I am so happy every single day just to have a comfortable body!!!

    I thought some tips I have my help so here goes:

    LP worked on me even though I was very severe

    LP worked on all my conditions, even my allergies!

    Some of my friends and family were mean after and questionned my illness/ the process and that takes practice to deal with. You have to put yourself first.

    Even if similar things haven't worked for you, in my experience LP is very different

    You need to be committed and use the process many times when you get home

    I can't thank/recommend Phil Parker and Helen enough!!!!! Seriously, my life is a million times better now even pre-ME and I am loving every minute! I am happy to answer any questions anyone has. Good luck xxx



  • Helenjames October 2014
    Thank you for sharing your experience of The Lightning Process. What you have achieved by using the Lightning Process is amazing. Well done. Helen


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