ive crashed looking for advice
  • angela September 2014
    Hi all I did the LP 9 weeks ago and have made excellent progress and thought I had finally beat the ME I have suffered for 14 years. I have been increasing my activity with no problems then yesterday I woke up and all my symptons have returned ive just been sleeping constantly. Ive been doing all mysteps but getting no results. Had this happened to anyone else and got over it? Any help much appreciated.
  • Hi Angela, 

    Please get in touch with your practitioner and arrange a follow up call as soon as possible so that they can help you.  Sometimes clients have a 'wobble' in their journey for whatever reason but you can get back on track - don't struggle along on your own, your practitioner will be happy to support you.

    In the meantime, go back to basics with the LP and make sure you are stepping out the Process fully, that you are doing it congruently and consistently.  Review your course material and the audio download or CD to remind you of the different elements of the LP such as language, editing etc. and make sure that you are being compassionate to yourself.

    Kind regards Helen
  • angela September 2014
    Thanks for your reply Helen, ive been reading through all my course material and listening to cd but doesnt seem to be helping. Ill take your advice and contact my practitioner. Im just so disappointed as I was doing so well and finally thought I would beat my ME this time! I guess I wanted to be one of the lucky ones that are fully recovered after the 3 day training.
  • angela October 2014
    Hi, im looking for some encouragement to get back on track. I still haven't recovered from my relapse and im worse than I was before taking the LP, I contacted my practioner who advised meto go back to start with cd etc ehich I have being doing now for couple of weeks with no success. Has anyone else experienced this kind of relapse and recovered from it?
  • Hi Angela, 

    I'm sorry to hear you are still struggling. I would recommend you get another call booked in with your practitioner for support. When you talk to them, ask them to coach you through using the LP to make sure you are using it congruently and fully. I would also book in another call following that so you have ongoing support whilst you work through this challenge. 

    In the meantime, make sure you are using the LP compassionately and that you are doing it congruently as this is really important to achieving the changes you are looking for.  Also, make sure you are using it consistently.  Think back to when you first used it and got brilliant change - what is different about the way you are now using the LP compared to then? 

    Kind regards 
  • angela October 2014
    Thanks Helen I will email my practioner and see if he can help. Appreciate your reply x


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