unhelpful inner voice whilst doing LP- any ideas?
  • genius123 October 2014
    I had a lightning process top-up a few weeks ago and I have just had the best 3 weeks for a year!!! One thing I have noticed though which I think may be holding me back slightly is an inner voice I get whilst doing the LP saying unhelpful words/ symptoms even after a meaningful stop. It is like a part of my brain is trying to rebel against the fantastic changes I'm making and putting unhelpful thoughts into my head whilst working through the LP and then it becomes a backwards and forwards sort of fight.
    Has anyone experienced this before and/or know how I can banish it for good and continue the wonderful progress I'm making? Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Genius 123, 

    Firstly, a massive congratulations on achieving such great change with the LP - it sounds like you are doing a brilliant job.

    In terms of your negative inner voice, if it interrupts you midst process, step out and do a stop to that thought and step back into the original process where you left off.  If you need to do this more than a few times, then put the original process on hold and actually do the process on this inner voice.  Then return to the original process if required.

    Remember to be really supportive and compassionate to yourself and also give yourself lots of examples of what you have achieved in your coaching.  

    Work on these thoughts consistently as you would with any other issue or symptom and your brain will soon learn  the new way you want it to operate.

    I hope this makes sense and I would recommend booking in a call with your practitioner so they can support you in getting this sorted out.

    Keep up the great work
    Kind regards Helen


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