Been doing amazing though recent challenge
  • Kalai November 2014

  • Hi Kalai,

    Thanks for sharing your update - it sounds like you have done amazingly.

    It can be challenging moving back to living with your family after so long and especially when your sister is ill.  Have you tried sitting down and talking with your mum and explaining how you feel and also how you could best support your sister based on your experience?

    Well done for using active language around this situation - this will help you to work on what is within your influence and also to realise that you are not able to change others, just the way you respond to them.  Have a think about how you want to feel at home - maybe allow comments to wash over you, to be calm, centered etc.  Then use the LP to work on this and make sure you use it with lots of brain rehearsal in preparation for going home or when you get it up deciding how you want to be in their company.

    There are some of our podcasts that you may find helpful:
    • Podcast 10: Co-dependency
    • Podcast 12: Dealing with difficult people
    • Podcast 16 Dealing with negative feelings
    • Podcast 21: Resilience
    • Podcast 35: Dealing with change

    Kind regards
  • Kalai January 2015
    Hi thanks Helen, gave all those a listen and they helped a lot. I'm doing so amazingly and and so grateful for doing the course and keeping interested through the podcasts. Cheers and have a great new year:) 
  • Hi Kalai,

    Happy New Year to you too!  I'm glad you found the podcasts useful - keep up the great work and have a wonderful 2015.

    Kind regards


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