How to Stay on Track
  • cherryem July 2015
    Dear All,
    When I first took the LP course in February for a month I felt incredible, every day was a new adventure and I felt the happiest I'd ever felt in my entire life.
    Then I got tonsillitis which knocked my confidence and since then I have had some amazing days but also a lot of days where I woke up duing hopeless thoughts and finding it really tough to be alive and present and energized. I guess I found it tough applying all the different parts of the process and knowing where to start and somehow those automatic pathways that I made were worn over by negative old ones again. 
    I am so determined to stay on track but it all seems so overwhelming now and I can spend hours at home going over everything I've learnt such as beliefs and positive editing and it seems so easy to read but a lot harder to put into place with little support around me.
    Has anyone got any idea how I can get back on track and fully live the life I love?
  • Dear Cherry,
    congratulations on your initial success with the process, which shows you it is possible to get back on track.
    You are 'duing' overwhelmed, I'm sure your practitioner shared on day 3 about what can happen when we du ill again, and it is ok to du illness at times. Have you contacted your practitioner for a follow up? I think it's a good idea to contact them. I suggest saying STOP to your hopeless thoughts, and du calm and confidence in the process. Determination is powerful but make sure you are not 'pushing through', re-reading your notes is a good idea, but when you say you are spending hours going over them, it seems like a follow up would be really useful to help clarify things. Are you also listening to the CD? Du calm and contact your practitioner for a follow up session, remember the coaching line 'I am with you every step of the way', you are your best support, once you have the confidence you can use the process with success, in the meantime your practitioner is there to support you, and it is often easier to get back on track than you imagine.
    kind regards
    Jacqui Aston
  • Sunanda108 August 2015
    Cherry, I only did the LP less than a month ago, but my Practioner went on vacation immediately after so I haven't had a chance for a follow-up with him yet. At times, this panicked and overwhelmed me, as I felt that I had no support. However, I bought the download on Support Energy Fatigue and thats really helping me. I'm also re-listening to my Graduate Download and try to play one CD every night. It's slow, but I feel I'm getting somewhere. And I really look forward to my sessions with my Practioner. I understand feeling isolated, too, because I did my course in London, but actually live in the USA, where there are maybe 2 Practioners (nowhere near me). Use the CD's. Best luck! Sunanda
  • cherryem October 2015
    Hey! Thank you for commenting! I haven't come across the Support Energy Fatigue one yet?
    I have a great practitioner and he really helps me but I've just been knocked back with a virus on the first week of school and I'm finding it tough to know what to do and to step into those amazing states and get the best out of them! I've also taken up meditation and used NLP techniques to clear space in my head and not let any overactive thoughts activate the PER which helped me a lot. I use the term 'clear the weeds then plant the seeds'


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