Making Change
  • Skatie November 2015
    As well as doing the Lightning process, I followed my practitioners advise and decided to make change. I completely moved my room around and even added a wall where I place any good events using some paper or a post it note! I found this really refreshing and would thoroughly suggest it as it made me much happier to finally be able to get out of my stuckness and dû calm. I also began walking through doors backwards and have gotten back into many hobbies I use to enjoy, especially swimming and reading, which I stopped a few years ago when I began secondary school and the dûing stress started.
    Overall, I would definitely agree that change is key to progress in this situation!!
  • Kay May 2016
    Thanks for this suggestion I have used your idea of creating a wall to help me stay on track. Well done on your change! I now use my wall for motivation to keep using the process, where I put positive language around the process and photos of all the fun things I've dun and want to du. I now look forward to using it!


Thanks to all of you who asked for this forum as a space to let others know about your experiences of the LP. Thanks also to the Lightning Process who’ve kindly provided this space.

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