Useful to read NLP books before doing LP?
  • kiwiK September 2017

    I am booked to do the LP in 2.5 months time for my health condition. I am wondering if people think it is useful to become more familiar with aspects of the LP like NLP in the meantime, for example by reading a book such as NLP : The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming or if it is better to have a fresh introduction to these concepts while directly on the LP training days?

    Is there anything else that could be useful to do in the meantime? I think I am just excited at the prospect of getting better and feeling very eager!

    Thanks a lot. 
  • JacquiAston September 2017
    Hi KiwiK, it can be useful although not essential. My advice would be to contact your practitioner directly for their recommendation of books and material to read. They may also recommend websites or videos that are useful, depending on the condition you are planning to do the LP for. It is a good idea to engage with some material when you have a wait for the course. The du book (Phil Parker) is a concept incorporated in the course and can be very useful to read. I hope that is helpful, 
    kind regards
    Jacqui Aston (advanced practitioner) 


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