The Lightning Process on ITV's Lorraine with Dr Hilary!
  • MissK May 2011

    Did anyone see the interview on Lorraine this morning!? Almost
    5 years after doing the Lightning Process myself for M.E in particular, I was absolutely
    blown away by it! It was fantastic to hear M.E being talked about in that way and
    on ITV for everyone to see. Dr Hilary was sympathetic, supportive and
    understood completely what a horrific and debilitating, physical illness M.E is.
    What’s more he gave the Lightning Process the credibility it deserves! I was on
    the phone to my Dad whilst watching it and it opened his eyes too, as I don’t
    think he ever understood the illness as well as I would have liked, but this
    morning’s interview made him think! Can someone post the
    iplayer link please!

  • MissEsee May 2011
    Here you go Miss K, it's a great piece, sympathetic and giving people hope.
  • i just watched it and i too felt it was treated and spoken about in the way it should. A real illness! 

  • Also i'm glad to hear the lightening process of been mention :)
  • eddent May 2011
    I happened to see the TV show and was pleased to see the LP mentioned, I have known about it for a long time, I have a family member who did the LP to get well from CFS and the change in them has been unbelievable! It is about time that more people hear about this method so more people can get themselves well! I recommend it to everyone I meet who i think would benefit.

  • LPHQ December 2013
    Our client who was featured on the Lorraine show recently posted this update on LinkedIn:

    Hi Phil,
    Just to add to this, I am still fighting fit, I do still get slightly
    tired and to a certain extend have to be a little careful, but the
    course is amazing and has got me back up and back into work. I have been
    working at ASDA for 3 years now!!!!!!!! And over Christmas have worked 7
    days straight and then had a couple of days off and worked another 7
    days straight, I could never of done that before, so it is life changing
    and would highly recommend it. Thank you. xxx


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