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  • ruben July 2011
    hi again, Now when you go go learn LP, on the second day what they tell you to do is a bit different to what you learnt on day one, You know, when you do the visualisation bit. Does anyone have any thoughts on the effectiveness of these different techniques. Or is it a case of once day one is over that you then exclusively do just the day 2 procedure from then on. I'd very much appreciate peoples thoughts on this and thanks too for opinions on my first post from a few weeks back. bye for now
  • nessclair July 2011

    Hi Ruben

    I started using the LP immediately on day 1 of the course as taught, and did start to get immediate results. What you learn on day 2 adds to it and does make the LP even more effective, with brain rehearsal etc. I have used, and continue to use all the techniques available to get the very best results possible and to help everything become more automatic so that I use the LP less.

    Good luck!

  • jax August 2011
    Hi Ruben

    I too felt the immediate effects of using LP from Day 1. I found brain rehearsal more difficult to understand but I persevered and it worked! Immediately after my 3 day course I travelled a 3 hour journey by train and spent 3 days with my mum who never stopped talking from the first moment I met up with her to when I left! I had found this impossible to cope with when I had M.E. but on this occasion I used the rehearsal technique and it was successful. I'm not sure if I was doing the technique right but whatever I was doing worked for me.

    For me I think thats the key to the LP. Keep practising the techniques and develop aspects to suit yourself as time passes.Do confidence!

    hope this helps



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