How to keep improving health
  • boobookowl October 2011
    Hi, I did the Lightning Process 5 weeks ago. There was a very positive initial change in my CFS issues. No more crashing after exertion.

     I continue to do the process whenever I'm headed for the pit but get disappointed when I start to du some tiredness. I then do a process to pick myself up. However, I'm duing  some problems keeping the improvements in my health coming. I wonder if I've forgotten how to do the process correctly but when I check the notes I am doing what I was taught.  Do any others have a similar problem, that is, apart from the great improvement at first it is slow going now?
  • jax October 2011
    I can only comment from my own experience. I did the LP 11 months ago . I experienced an immediate and amazing positive change ( to my M.E.) during the 3 days course but if I'm honest I only felt completely recovered  after 10 months. 

    Throughout the past 10 months my recovery has definitely slowed down at times and I have experienced some of my old symptoms including a mini emotional relapse. At times such as these I have revisited my LP booklet and read it through as well as doing the physical process.I remember my practioner telling us-that it is the whole package that is important. It is about re training our thought processes. Telling yourself , reminding yourself that those unhealthy thoughts whatever they are  , are just that- thoughts which can be dealt with.
    However, I truly believe that the physical and emotional symptoms which I experienced when I was ill with M.E. resulted in tissue damage which has taken time to heal. Also my immune system has required  constant reinforcing that all is now well. I'm no scientist so I have nothing to support my theories other than personal experience.

    Despite my practioner's advice I initially assumed I was completely well after 3 days because I felt so good.I forgot that I had been very poorly. And I also conveniently forgot that when anyone has been poorly for any length of time then there are limitations to how quickly they recover and regain full fitness and health.

    Fortunately I have now learnt to listen to my body again. I am confident that I have the tools to help myself in times of stress and best of all I am WELL and living the life that I Iove.

    I hope this has been of some help and good luck 
  • nessclair October 2011


    I would echo Jax's comments. Without wishing to trivialise ME in any way, I liken it to recovering from something like a stomach upset, just to illustrate to people who haven't done ME or the LP what it feels like. You know you reach a point where the bug is gone, but you still feel weak because you have been ill, and need a few days before you start eating normally again.

    For me, I felt that the ME had gone by the end of day 1, but because I had been housebound and immobile for 9 months, there were physical issues such as achilles tendonitis which took much longer to sort out. It has taken me a long while to build up my stamina, and I think it takes a while to fully recover emotionally too. I took 5 months before returning to work, partly to recover physically, but partly also just to have some fun! I did a few blips with symptoms, mainly in the first year after LP, but went back to the LP each time, and persevered with it. Now 2 and a half years post LP, I think I'm so far beyond ME that I'm not likely to ever do any more symptoms. The LP is always there though to help me deal with new challenges, such as the sponsored abseil I did a few months ago.

  • mlp October 2011
    If you can get into the London office, I would really recommend attending one of the Building Your Future seminars which are run by Claire Brooker every month or so. True, it means more money, but the group atmosphere and meeting other people who have both succeeded and struggled with LP is very supportive and gave me a great boost to my progress.

    Re tiredness - I think it's sometimes OK to du tired. At first after learning the LP I didn't allow myself ever to lie down in the daytime, as I had spent the last four years doing that and was trying to stay away from habits of illness. But occasionally now I might take a short rest if I've been buzzing around, or even have a deliberately quiet day, partly to reconnect with that inner calm that I know helps keep me well. The difference is that it feels like a choice rather than a collapse.
  • delilah October 2011
    Hi All

    Just a question regarding time to recovery from me/cfs. I also did the lp 5 weeks ago. It has really turned my thinking around and pointed me in the direction of recovery. I feel that i now have the tools to get better. Juat a question regarding time to long has everyone taken to go from learning the LP to full recovery, because it's hard sometimes to read stories of 'instant recovery', when really does that mean they went from bedridden to completely normal overnight?? Probably not! I just want to gage the time to recovery for others from cfs using the lp, so i don't stupidly feel like i am not doing it right because i am not back to normal life instantly. I do feel that my head is at a point where i'm like yeah i can get better, but my body is catching up.
    I am also duing disappointed and confused the last few days because i crashed after doing something i haven't done in ages, and thought i was psychologically prepared, but maybe not physically???

    Any comments welcomed! So happy to see people are getting their lives back
  • jax October 2011
    Do you know what , I really think that recovery is a very individual thing. 
    For me I can best describe my recovery as beginning with an amazing "moment" at the end of Day 1. My walk to the venue of my LP course was short but uphill and on the first afternoon took at least 5 stops to arrive at the front door. But on the second afternoon I went by a much longer route because I felt that I could and I had to hold myself back because I wanted to run all the way. 
    After that "moment" I lost that  awful weight of illness. I remember ringing my husband when I left to go home and the first thing I said to him was "Its gone. Whatever it was its gone"
    That I guess for me was the 'instant recovery'. But then the journey began to restore my emotions and physical health back to those of a normal healthy person. I have always described it to my friends as a road from the very bottom of unfitness-someone who had never done exercise before or felt well.( I was a very fit athlete before falling ill).
    It has taken me 10 months. I'm well. I'm fit. 
    I too have stumbled along the way. But I truly believe that by trusting in the lessons of the LP then you'll get there and will make a full recovery.
    Day at a time and remember a journey begins with a single step.x
  • boobookowl January 2012
    br>Thanks for all your interesting and helpful comments. I continue to improve slowly in strength but don't sleep well and when I have had a bad night feel really awful the next day. Does anyone else have this problem. It's like it used to be when I had CFS although thanks to the LP I don't suffer with that any more. I'm wondering if it is a result of tissue damage or a weakness somewhere in my body because of all the years of CFS as Jax mentioned.
  • Primrose January 2012
    This is the most helpful discussion I've come across on the LP and I'm grateful for everyone who's shared their experiences.  My recovery is quite slow, and actually I got a lot worse before I began to get better.  I found it so disheartening to look at other people's stories and how they became instantly better!  I'm confident that I can completely recover, and have made great progress already, but realistically, after so many decades of being ill, it doesn't turn out that I can do it in a moment.  So thanks for your honesty - it's very encouraging!
  • nessclair February 2012
    I had questions too about length of recovery as I wanted to know how well I was getting on. I found that is very individual however, and my recovery has been entirely up to me. I guess it depends how ill you were in the first place. Someone who was bedbound for years, I would think, is going to take longer to recover physically than someone who has been managing to get out and about.  Also, people have different ideas about what they would like to achieve. Some will go and run marathons, whereas I would never dream of doing that- can't think of anything worse! In some ways, it is useful to measure yourself relative to others, but actually, I found it quite restrictive when I did, and have found it much better to just get on and do what I want to do. The trickiest part for me was trying to explain to my supervisor at work as she wanted definite timescales and couldn't really understand that I couldn't give her that information. No one else was bothered though- everyone else has been really pleased at what I have achieved, and I'm ecstatic with it!
  • bluebell May 2013
    THis is such a useful conversation - thanks for sharing your experiences!
  • Immediately after doing the LP I started doing masses of things I hadn't been able to do before but I didn't actually feel better, I just didn't pay for every activity with massively increased symptoms and crushing fatigue as I had when I was duing ME. I tried various techniques to deal with aches and pains and stiffness but the only one that worked was to be too busy to notice!

    I kept doing the LP and my life got better and better and within six months I started to do enjoyable exercise, started a part-time job, and generally got a life again! And after a year I noticed that I was not getting the same level of pains and stiffness any more and that my IBS was gone.

    I reckon I'm now at 95% after a couple of years and I'm certainly cycling further than I did before I did ME and loving it. I do du blips now and again; basically life throws up challenges of all sorts and sometimes I take time to work through them. Recently I started duing a bit of IBS so I looked at my anxiety levels and did some extra work on those. For me, it's important to keep the good editing going. At the moment I'm making a daily list of three things that went well that day and that's helping.

    One thing that remains constant is my complete lack of unusual fatigue. If that was as good as it gets, that would be wonderful, but when I keep doing the LP the results are actually better than that!
  • There are a few questions above around how long people have taken to 'recover' - I think it's subjective.

    If I think about the specifics I had 'recovered' from ME (after 4 years) within the first week - that is no headaches, no pains, no feeling skinned and burned, no constant tiredness. However breaking the bad habits, building up muscle tone and stamina, being able to diet and exercise to lose that weight and feel better about my self image again? They take much longer and it's about breaking the habits and remembering you're OK now.

    It was easy to rely on my husband who'd had to do everything for me, even to the extent of washing my hair while I sat in the bath becuase I was too tired to hold my arms above my head to wash it for myself after a day sat behind a desk at work. It can take a while to realise these are just bad habits from which you need to 'recover' and re-learn doing things for yourself.

    If you ask yourself whether you can't do it or just aren't do it, it helps to separate bad habits from issues, then apply the Lighning Process to any aspect which falls into the 'issues' category, those where you don't feel you can do it.

    Don't be tempted to try and do everything you've missed too quickly though, my osteopath though it funny that last time I'd seen him I'd barely made it from the car into his first floor office and now I was complaning that my legs, hips and back hurt when I'd walked over the moors for a couple of hours - I had little core strength and poor posture and some big blisters which had made me limp by the time I'd finished :-) 

    Build up at a rate you feel comfortable with, leave the 'bull in the china shop' routine for a few months.


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