FAQ's 3: Is it scary?
  • nessclair December 2011

    One of the questions I get frequently asked is if I was scared before I did the Lightning Process (LP)  about being well, alnd also whether it felt scary doing the LP.

    Firstly, although I had only been housebound for 9 months, I had lost any sense of what it felt like to be well. I was quite scared of the unknown, and remember thinking "Do I like being well? Is it nice?" Fortunately, logic kicked in and I realised that of course it feels good to be well, and also thought about all the good things I would be able to do were I well. I was concerned too that, if the LP worked as quickly as claimed, I would be expected to go straight back to work, which I was not keen to do. My parents reassured me that this would not be the case. Once this was settled, I was quite happy to go ahead with the LP. In fact, doing the LP enabled me to take complete control of my life, and I took 5 months before returning to work, and negotiated a part time role which suits me far better. And yes, it does feel good to be well again!

    Secondly, I had been worried that such a sudden and dramatic recovery using the LP may actually feel quite unpleasant and scary. I'd had some cranial osteopathy sessions whie I was very unwell, and while there was some benefit from these, I felt worse for about 3 days after each session. This was extremely unpleasant, and eventually led to the cancellation of any future sessions. I remember talking with my LP practitioner beforehand and telling her my concerns that when it came to the crunch, I would be too scared to go through with it. She likened it to a huge wall on an army assault course which I needed to find a way over. However, I need not have worried. I recovered from my ME on day 1 of the LP couse, and far from being scary, it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

    So, my advice...believe that you have a better future, put your concerns behind you and take that future with both hands!

  • bluebell April 2013
    Thanks for sharing your experience
  • Very inspiring!

    I think it's pretty normal to be a little unsure before you apply to take the LP training.  Your practitioner usually helps with this though and answers any questions you may have prior to you starting the course which is really useful. As a practitioner I find that clients are often surprised at how natural it feels to be well again. They are also normally surprised at how quick this can be too!

    Thanks for posting your experience :)

    Claire Brooker, Advanced LP Practitioner
    Head Office Team


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