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  • keelgold January 2012
    After over 40 years of ME including wheelchairs, hospitals, alternative therapies, chronic pain, bedbound and all the time trying to pull myself out of it and try to work, I undertook the LP in 2006 and walked out into a new life. ' Walk' because this was not possible before and 'life' amazing because I didn't have one.  I was so amazed the SOMETHING -ANYTHING worked - ACTUALLY DID WORK that I trained with Phil Parker for two years and have now helped hundreds of people - lots of young people too, through the Lp and into a new life.  I have hundreds of cards and letters thanking me and telling me of the successes of people since the lightning process.  It is especially wonderful when teenage boys write and say they are at uni now - or succeeding in sport - when did teenage boys write thank you letters?  WOW.  They should actually be thanking Phil Parker - he gave me a life worth living when I just didn't have one.  Being able to walk normally is wonderful - and dance - and work - and have fun - THANKS PHIL PARKER - I never forget what you have done for me and so many others.   In the last two years I have had GP's bringing their children to me and doing the course with them, child and adolescent nhs phsychiatrists ditto, paediatricians ditto.  These people have all had success where they had tried everything else before.  They only came in the first place because their patients had got well with the :LP and told them about it.  The Lightning Process will become mainstream and it cant happen soon enough.  Luckily trials are taking place and results coming in.  There is no pill that cures all and of course the LP doesn't provide an instant cure for everyone, but in my experience if someone is having difficulty with it then a little help from the LP Practitioner following the course can really turn that round.  I worked hard with the LP tools after my course and as a result got wonderful lasting results.  Instead of hitting out at something designed to help people lets hit out at the illness and use the Lp to help us get better.  I have.
  • bluebell April 2013
    Very inspiring and very true!
  • Stella May 2013
    Well done keelgold!!!


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