• delilah March 2012

    Howdy fellow LP peeps!

    I did the lp 6mths ago for CFS and i have made so much progress!!! I have had a virus for the past 1.5 weeks and it's a little scary. Have been doing relaxtion and brain rehearsals, but still feeling crappy. Would love some advice from those who have gone through the same thing.


  • lpjenny March 2012
    Hi Delilah,

    I am sorry that you are duing virus.  Most of us do do them from time to time.  Here is the kind of thing that I du when I du a viral infection which lasts for more than a few days:
    1.  Like you I brain rehearse - We can't "control" a viral infection, but we can make really useful choices so that our immune system supports us in a great recovery.  I expect to get well, I take myself back to a time when I had a strong immune system when I expected to recover well.
    2.  I am careful to switch off any patterns that come in after I haven't recovered after a few days, of the "oh god here it comes" type .  I recognise it is as it is, and take myself to a more useful place of acceptance and trust that I will recover in time, especially with the brain rehearsal which I do several times a day, whenever I start to du low confidence..
    3.  I treat myself with kindness and compassion.
    I did brilliant bug a few years ago - took me 3 weeks to recover fully, and then I was fine.  Happens to folk sometimes. I was looking after me and also used the time to set up my blog which was great and enjoyable as I had wanted to do that for ages!
    Hope that helps.
    Very Best Wishes
    Jenny Gilmore
    Lightning Process Practitioner
  • LPJane March 2012
    Hi Delilah

    I agree very much with Jenny's wise words. I'll also add that, yes, having done ME, it can be scary to do ill, but remember, everyone gets ill sometimes and this is normal.

    You're duing all the right stuff, so also du what Jenny suggests, and you will du well again soon. So no need to du "scared", du "recovering" and "kind to me"!

    Take it easy
    Jane Vigon
    Lightning Process Practitioner
  • fee October 2012
    This is really helpful.  I completed the course almost a fortnight ago but I've gone down with a cold.  I suspect in the first thrill of feeling better I've been over doing things.  I've had the cold a week and a half now.  I think I need to just relax and go with it, but I've been feeling pretty ghastly.  Maybe it's time to take some time out and just relax and go with.  I've spent far too much of today duing negative and beating myself up.  I just have a cold.  Normal people feel crap having a cold.  And I've had ME for 15 years.  Things take a little time and I can still be on track with a cold.
  • LPJane November 2012
    Fee - I just spotted your comment - I bet you're well over your cold now! As you say, you certainly can be on track with a cold! That's what most people do if they don't du ME!

    After I did LP, I was actually happy to du a real cold, as with ME, it didn't feel like a real cold!
  • cherryem October 2015
    Hi !! I did LP 7 months ago and got great results though have had trouble staying on track! I have had a bad virus for a month now which seems way too long- I have had weeks where I full out just rested and was kind to myself but yesterday I was so sick of days in bed for what now feels like should just be a cold and I went shopping and stayed at a friends until late! Feeling very ill today and duing guilt and I'm really scared as to how to move forward because I can't afford to miss more school!


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