Some advice please before I do LP please!
  • mcplums March 2012
    I have been looking into LP because I really think it will help me- for 2.5 years I have been suffering from a constant series of (often debilitating) symptoms which last a few months, then go away, for another to appear soon after. They have never had an explanation, and they vary so much (headaches, nausea, dizziness, pains) that I am convinced they are of mental origin. I suppose it can be likened to ME but without the fatigue (fortunately ive never suffered from this).

    I am currently struggling through a 40 hour + work week, although not doing a very good job of it at all. I am really considering taking time off again to rest and recover, partly because the stress of being given tasks I am too ill to do properly makes me feel worse. Also, I understand that LP involves a lot of 'mental tasks' and how can I do these if Im at work? Does the LP work best if you are relaxed and without responsibilities in your life so you can 100% concentrate on doing the techniques? I want to absolutely maximise the chances of it working (as you can appreciate, the thought of it not working is incredibly depressing). So, can you still benefit from the LP if you are working full time I suppose is the question?

  • keelgold March 2012
    The Lightning Process is there to help you live your life as you want to - if this means working full time - the LP is there to help you work full time.  You use the techniques you are taught to help you do all the things you want to, then you will find all the energy and wellness you thought you had lost.  I did the Lightning Process six years ago after over 40 years of illness and struggle.  I have my whole life back, I work full time and have a really full social life and I am able to enjoy every minute.  I trained with Phil Parker and I now deliver the Lightning Process so I know first hand how it really helps people of all ages.  The Lightning Process works best if you DO it - you just fit it around your life - it is there to help you, you are not there to help the LIghtning Process.  I now feel it is my best friend - always there if I need it - and so simple to do - it just works - which is brilliant.

    Hope this helps.

    Linda Morgan
  • ruben April 2012
    I think this is a very important question. I do struggle myself to work full-time and learnt LP  about 4 years ago.I'm still not well, but I do believe that people are recovering using it. I feel you are at a tremendous advantage if you are not working. If anyone cares to read Esther Rantzen's account of her daughters recovery using LP and, the way she was doing it straight after the course, a person working full-time simply couldn't have done it that intensely. If anyone has any advice for me I'll be glad to hear it ruben, 
  • mcplums April 2012

    Ive spoken to some others since writing my post, and the general conclusion seems to me to stay at work if you can. The main thesis of the LP (havnt done it yet- but this is the impression I get) is to stop 'doing' illness. Sitting at home all day would leave me with not much else to do but illness! My mind would be 'I must be ill, otherwise why would I be at home'. Add to this the social and financial problems of not working. So yes, you cant do the process as much (but you can still do it in your head) but from what Ive learnt speaking to people, the pros outweigh the cons.


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