• Hello! Sorry for not replying before, but I only just saw your message! I think you and I have very similar backgrounds with regards LP. We both had issues with the LP making things worse, and we both had learnt a lot before the LP that conflicts with LP teachings.

    I am wondering, could you give me your email address, as I have a few more questions! Also where are you from if you dont mind me asking!?
    September 2013
  • dancewithlive
    Hej mcplums,
    how is it going?
    I just remembered something, which probably may help you as well:
    A friend of mine, who did the LP for ME and got completely well (working 150% at the moment), used a method before and as complementations to LP. The "method" is based on getting hand-touch on the whole body, without "energy" like Reiki etc., just touching the whole body.
    Since I started using the "bodyscan" (known in MBSR or yoga) again, I recognize big health improve, and also LP is working better. I think, this is a similar principle. So I thought, including the body in the one or other way, may help you as well.
    Sunny regards!
    August 2013
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    Welcome Aboard!
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